Practical guide to reduce your sample prep costs for SVOCs analyses

Practical guide to reduce your sample prep costs for SVOCs analyses
Are you struggling with competitiveness? Are your looking to lower your costs per sample?
Determination of organic pollutants in environmental matrices is a common task for thousands of environmental laboratories worldwide. Conventional sample preparation methods, making use of large solvent volumes and involving intensive sample manipulation, can increase the overal lab's costs.
Microwave extraction can help reducing your analysis costs and pocket more profits for the determination of organic pollutants, like PAHs, PCBs, Pesticides, Phenols, Phthalates, EOM, Dioxins or Furans.
In this educational webinar, I will guide you through the cost reduction you can get by using of microwave extraction technology (MAE) over traditional extraction approaches (e.g. Soxhlet extraction) talking about running costs, reagents consumption, operator skills and many others.

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Roberto Boschini


Roberto Boschini
Product Manager at Milestone

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