Ashing tests in food and feed samples?

Enhance efficiency, productivity and sustainability with microwave ashing.

Enhance efficiency, productivity and sustainability with microwave ashing.
Join us for an informative webinar dedicated to the ashing test in food and feed samples. The ashing analysis is a crucial process for determining the total mineral content or ash content present in samples. In food quality control, the ashing analysis plays a vital role in providing valuable information about the sample composition. However, traditional approaches often involve long ashing times, impacting laboratory productivity and turnaround time.
Microwave ashing provides an advanced solution to tackle these challenges. Our microwave furnace guarantees shorter ashing times, enabling laboratories to process samples more efficiently. By combining it with the appropriate crucibles, this process can be further streamlined and accelerated. This not only enhances productivity but also promotes a safer and more pleasant working environment.
Furthermore, the selective heating capabilities of microwave heating reduce energy consumption, making the lab more environmentally friendly and lowering the running costs associated with the analysis.
🔴 By attending this webinar, you will gain insights into the benefits of using Milestone's PYRO equipment for ashing analysis in food and feed samples. Discover how our technology can enhance your laboratory's efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness in this essential analytical process.
What you'll learn
  • Importance of ashing analysis in food and feed samples for mineral content determination.
  • Milestone's PYRO technology: Shorter ashing times, enhanced productivity.
  • How to optimize your ashing process with the right selection of crucibles
  • Selective heating through microwave technology: Reduced energy consumption, lower running costs.

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Mirco Rossetti


Mirco Rossetti
Application Specialist at Milestone

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