How to improve sample prep workflow for organic pollutant analysis

When analyzing organic pollutants from environmental matrices, most environmental labs aim to improve the efficiency of their workflow with easy-to-implement solutions that ensures better turnaround time and productivity. Sample preparation is the process that mostly impact these factors, as it involves several manual steps from the solvent addition to the extraction and the clean-up steps. The whole sample preparation relies on outdate and manual approach and even the most modern technologies still suffer in terms of productivity and often have high running costs. Therefore, the optimization of these processes is essential to provide a better workflow, saving operator time whilst ensuring reliable data and high safety of operation.
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  • → An integrated workflow approach to gain lab efficiency while reducing cost of analysis.
  • → Automate solvent handling and addition to minimize operator exposure to solvents and save operator time.
  • → Discover how microwave-assisted-extraction (MAE), overcome the common limitations, both in terms of performance and throughput, of Soxhlet, sonication and pressurized liquid extraction techniques.
  • → Improve the filtration step with an easy to adopt procedure that expedite this step, whilst saving valuable space in the fume hood.

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Matteo Volpi
Application Specialist at Milestone
Matteo Volpi

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