How to Optimize Environmental Sample Preparation and Analysis

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A key part of the workflow for an environmental laboratory is sample preparation. Most sample preparation steps are manual, time-consuming, costly, error-prone, and have elements of risk associated with exposure to concentrated acids and solvents.
This eWorkshop presents a ‘total workflow’ approach to sample preparation for organics and metals, including a special case for mercury. It examines ways to improve key measures of the process such as lab throughput, data quality, costs, and safety. Practical advice is provided for preventing workflow disruptions, such as lengthy and incomplete digestions and extractions, sample contamination, and complicated preparation steps for mercury, all of which can prevent a laboratory from meeting their overall performance, cost, quality, and safety goals.
Several of the presentations include demonstrations of the systems and methods being discussed, including acid purification, automated reagent addition, vessel handling, microwave digestion, microwave extraction, sample filtration, labware cleaning, and Direct Mercury Analysis, all reflecting approved EPA methodologies.
February 22nd
11am EST | 8AM PST | 4PM GMT | 5PM CET
Key Learning Objectives
  • Discover why you should look beyond conventional sample digestions and extractions and consider the total sample preparation and analysis workflow for metals (including mercury) and organics.
  • Learn about approaches for improving your lab’s throughput, quality, flexibility, safety, and costs.
  • Explore approved, but often underutilized, technologies for environmental sample preparation and analysis.


Giulio Colnaghi
Giulio Colnaghi
Marketing Manager Milestone, SRL
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Bob Bradley
Environmental Markets Manager Milestone Inc.
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Jesse Davidson
Product Specialist Milestone Inc.
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Eric Farrell
Product Specialist Milestone, Inc.

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