SRC technology: improving elemental analysis quality, costs & reliability with 🆕 ultraWAVE 3

Microwave digestion is the benchmark in sample preparation and is being adopted by an increasing number of elemental analysis laboratories. The introduction of Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) technology has changed the face of sample digestion for elemental analysis. SRC is fundamentally different from traditional microwave systems, replacing conventional closed vessels with simple and inexpensive racks and vials with loose-fitting caps. This design, which is compatible with any reagent, provides higher temperature and pressure capabilities critical for hard-to-digest samples and achieving lower detection limits, while offering increased productivity and lower cost per sample.
ultraWAVE 3, the third generation of Milestone's patented technology, takes the benefits of SRC a step further, offering a practical approach to meet the needs of multiple industries and sample types. SRC technology fits into the Total Sample Preparation Approach, which encompasses several steps of the sample-to-analysis journey, such as acid purity, reagent and vessel handling and vessel cleaning.
ultraWAVE 3
👇 What you will learn:
  • Understand the main parameters and their role in the digestion process.
  • Learn how the SRC (Single Reaction Chamber) technology can improve the digestion step for elemental analysis.
  • Evaluate the applicability and benefits of SRC digestion technology across diverse application areas how SRC technology addresses them within a comprehensive sample preparation workflow.

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Gianpaolo Rota


Gianpaolo Rota
Product manager at Milestone

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