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At Milestone we are keen to provide real and solid answers to your needs. That's why we are offering you an easy access to our application team and analytical laboratory through our Virtual Event Center. In these series of events, industry-based webinars and virtual workshops provide in depth explanation of our solutions for several applications and markets.
Through our live webcams, you can enter in our labs, speak to our specialists and ask for a customized demo. Real samples, possibly yours, are processed live to provide a tangible demonstration of our solutions.
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Virtual Workshop with live demo
Gianpaolo Rota

Gianpaolo Rota

Product Manager at Milestone
For ICP / ICP-MS users

5 things to know about microwave digestion

Microwave digestion is the gold standard in sample preparation for elemental analysis since decades. Today, there are several technology available with multiple options, but which are the key parameters? In this webinar we will describe the top 5 things that you should consider about sample preparation in accordance to your needs and their impact on your daily work.
  • Your application matters!
  • The role of temperature in a digestion process
  • Digestion vessels, which one fits for me?
  • The correlation between throughput and number of vessels
  • Do not buy a product, invest in a solution


28th January, 2021

Virtual Workshop with live demo
Roberto Boschini

Roberto Boschini

Product Manager at Milestone
For ICP or CVAA users

3 best practices to simplify your mercury analysis

  • Go direct for sample prep
    Mercury is a volatile element and its determination requires sample preparation, which could lead to loss of Hg. Learn the advantages of direct mercury analysis
  • Eliminate matrix and control the memory effects
    Understand how direct mercury analyzers can eliminate matrix and reduce memory effects, avoiding overestimation and ensuring low blanks.
  • Simplify your workflow
    No method development is needed and a single calibration, done using either liquid or solid references materials, suits all wide variety of samples, over a wide concentration range: from ppt to ppm.


23rd February, 2021

Virtual Workshop with live demo
Roberto Boschini

Roberto Boschini

Product Manager at Milestone
For contract labs - food labs

Building your path to higher productivity in fat determinations from food and feed samples

Fat determinations in food and feed matrices is a routine analysis for several testing and food processor labs, as it is part of labelling process and QC testing. Nowadays, the process still relies on outdated and matrix-dependent methods which use obsolete and time-consuming technologies. This workshop, live from Milestone Lab, presents a new approach to fat determinations that simplify the lab workflow and increase the productivity. Learn how your laboratory could gain value and see the benefits of whom has already implemented.
  • Fat determinations
    Fat determination process: conventional vs microwave approach
  • One single method for any food matrix
    A single method for virtually any food such as milk and dairy products, meat, bakery product and chocolate as well as any feed sample. This approach leads also to a lighter accreditation procedure.
  • Complete fat determinations
    Total Fat, Crude Fat, FAME
  • Real life Case Study
    Discover how Eurofins Scientific could gain extra productivity


25th March, 2021

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