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During this challenging time, Milestone is announcing several virtual events and educational webinar series to support you, hosted by our application specialists and support engineers. In this series we will cover the latest product developments, review tips and techniques, discuss FAQs, address new application challenges and introduce our latest product developments.

Robust and reliable approach to mercury determination in environmental and fish samples

Date: 7th April, 2020
As more emphasis is placed on the monitoring of mercury, there are several laboratories looking to analyze a wide variety of matrices such as soil, sediments, waste water and fish samples. Several methods and techniques are available for mercury analysis in environmental samples, however, they require a time-consuming sample preparation step that is often labor-intensive and reduce their lab productivity.
Direct mercury analysis, as described in EPA Method 7473, is a solid approach to determine total mercury in environmental samples. This technique bypass any sample per-treatment and delivers results in as little as 6 minutes per sample, avoding mercury losses and improving the overall turnaround time.
In this webinar we will explain the basis of direct mercury analysis and the resulting benefits over conventional techniques.
Roberto Boschini

Dr. Roberto Boschini

Application specialist at Milestone
Dr. Giulio Colnaghi

Dr. Giulio Colnaghi

Marketing Manager at Milestone

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