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Microwave Extraction

Efficient approach to elemental impurities analysis in pharma samples

Use Microwave Technology to Achieve Better Terpene Extracts

Date: 17th September, 2019

Speakers: Stephen Markle, Vice President of Production Planet 13 Holdings Roberto Federico-Perez, PhD, Product Specialist at Milestone Inc.
Learn how terpenes impact the quality of cannabis derivative products, and why cannabis growers and processors should address weaknesses in their extraction techniques to drive demand for them.
Stephen Markle (Medizin/Planet 13, Las Vegas) explains why microwave-assisted, solvent-free terpene extraction has enabled his organization to optimize their production process while also helping to improve market demand for their line of vape cartridges.
Key learning objectives
  • Understand the critical role the terpene profile has on your product's taste and smell See the science behind microwave terpene extraction, and why it's ideal for developing high quality cannabis products, including vape cartridges
  • Discover how microwave extraction yields full spectrum terpene extracts that are representative of your cannabis material
  • Learn how microwave technology provides improved return on investment for your cannabis processing needs

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