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With over a thousand units installed globally, Milestone’s Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) technology has revolutionized how industrial and research laboratories around the world prep samples for analysis. Our ultraWAVE transcends traditional closed and open vessel digestion, offering faster digestions, maximum throughput and lower cost of ownership.

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The benefits of SRC microwave digestion for trace element analysis
You’ve decided to invest in a microwave digestion system for your trace element requirements. So, how do you go about selecting the optimum technology for your samples?

Microwave Digestion for Specialty Polymers

While some polymers compounds are relatively easy to prepare for trace metals analysis, most polymeric and plastic materials are very stable matrices and require extremely high temperatures and pressures to achieve complete digestion

Utilizing Single Reaction Chamber Technology

for trace metal analysis in accordance with UPS 232, 233
Closed vessel digestion is stipulated by USP. SRC microwave digestion is a new type of closed vessel digestion that was developed by Milestone and offers many advantages, particularly for pharmaceutical samples.

New Approaches in Sample Prep for Precise Multi-element Analysis

of Crude Oils and Refined Petroleums
A comprehensive elemental list may lead to more sophisticated applications of elemental analysis for crude oil and derivatives with benefits extending from exploration to refining.

Mixed-Batch Food Sample Microwave Digestion

ultraWAVE demonstrates to be a great tool for trace metals analysis in food samples due to its superior capabilities in terms of mixed samples, large sample amount and ease of use.

Simultaneous mixed-batch sample preparation

for metals testing of cannabis samples
The performance of the ultraWAVE was evaluated through a recovery study on samples of interest for the cannabis industry, from plant material to edibles, concentrates and soil.

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