Microwave Synthesis Archive

University of South Australia

University of South Australia lab profile

The University of South Australia is ranked in the top 2% of Universities Worldwide. Academics at UniSA engage in interdisciplinary teams to translate their research into practical applications. The UniSA’s new multi-million dollar Future Industries Institute (FII) focuses on building knowledge and capacity in core future industries. The Group of Research headed by prof. Ajayan Vinu was working on hydrothermal reactions with conventional heating and the main challenge with current synthetic methodology was to reduce the crystallization time. The synthWAVE has greatly increased the efficiency and productivity of hydrothermal protocols and has expanded the experimental capabilities for the group.

University of Turin

University of Turin lab profile

The University of Turin, founded in 1404 by Prince Ludovico of Savoia, is currently one of the three best Italian Universities. The Group equipped itself with a Milestone synthWAVE high-pressure microwave reactor in 2016 with the intent of enhancing the traditional methods. The main reason for choosing the Milestone synthWAVE is that it is the only high-pressure assisted microwave reactor available on the market. It handles single or multiple reactions at temperatures up to 300 °C and pressures to 199 bar. With the synthWAVE, researchers have increased throughput thereby dramatically increasing the number of reactions per week with faster method development and parallel screening.