PPC Cement group lab services quantifies mercury at low level thanks to the Milestone DMA-80 evo

PPC Cement


As the leading supplier of cement and related products in Southern Africa, PPC Ltd has nine manufacturing facilities and three milling depots in South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Rwanda that can produce around eight million tons of cement products each year.
PPC Cement Group Laboratory Services is the reference laboratory for all the PPC factories. The laboratory is responsible for R&D projects as well as customer support and problems, exploration analysis, environmental studies and solves any problems the factories may have.


The DMA-80 appealed to PPC as all you need to do is obtain a representative sample, weigh solids or liquids, and run on a calibration curve that is prepared from Certified Reference Materials or calibrated with Liquid Reference Materials.
This technique is far quicker and easier to implement in a routine laboratory for Hg analysis. PPC Group Laboratory services analyses the following samples: C oal, Kiln feed, Clinker and dust return; occasionally they analyse water, waste materials e.g. tyre’s, pitch, sludge etc.
The laboratory analyses an average of 100 samples per month by following the EPA method.
From the customer voice:
“We purchased the DMA-80 to be able to determine Hg quickly and easily without much sample preparation. We considered the Cold Vapor AAS technique, but this is very time consuming and intricate for lots of routine samples”
Carmen Kaiser Brügmann - Senior Chemist at PPC Ltd


PPC Group Laboratory Services is currently using the DMA-80 optimally. The maintenance is easy, the consumable cost is low, the DMA-80 is running stable, and most importantly, analysts can operate the system very easily.
A detection limit of 0,0001mg/l was the requirement for their analysis, and they are still able to achieve it. They have been working with DMA-80 for four years. In conclusion, the DMA-80 has greatly increased their efficiency and productivity in the analysis of mercury in solids, lowered costs through elimination of reagents, and greatly reduced the time needed for calibration.

DMA-80 evo

The DMA-80 mercury determination system can analyze any matrix (solid, liquid or gas) without any pre-treatment or chemical additions in as few as 6 minutes in full compliance with EPA method 7473.

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"The DMA is a excellent unit and we enjoy using the instrument"
PPC cement