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IREN laboratories process waste samples with high plastic content

The laboratories of the Iren Ambiente are able to offer environmental analysis and consultancy services concerning water, soil, waste and compost. The main reason why they decided to adopt the microwave solvent extraction technique was the need to overcome problems occurring with Pressurized Liquid Extraction technique when dealing with difficult matrices and the requirement to improve their productivity capacity. ETHOS X with the fastEX-24 rotor could increase their productivity and enabled to process even waste with high plastic content expanding their application range possibilities, with a significant increase in their lab’s workflow efficiency.

SYNLAB lab profile

SYNLAB lab profile

SYNLAB Sweden is focused on the determination of organic pollutants in different matrices, such as Dioxins and Furans, PAH’s and PCB’s. The Milestone ETHOS X microwave system with the fastEX-24 rotor could overcome the memory effect and the cleaning steps by using disposable glass vials. Its ease of use and high throughput reduce overall costs in dioxin extraction.

ACEA lab profile

The ACEA Group deals with waste management, handling over 1 million tons of waste every year. Its activities are mainly concentrated in Italy but they are also present in some Latin American countries including Colombia, Honduras, Peru and the Dominican Republic. The main reason why they decided to switch to microwave assisted extraction technique was the need to reduce time per analysis and to process some of the most difficult and polluted matrices avoiding high maintenance costs and tedious cleaning steps. With the ETHOS X implementation, ACEA could process a full suite of matrices,even those with high plastic content that could not be processed with PLE. This allowed ACEA to expand its department’s application range and increase its productivity.

EnviroTest lab profile

EnviroTest lab profile

EnviroTest accomplished their mission by adding a full Organic Department, gaining a reputation as a trusted leader in water and soil testing services for the Hudson Valley serving NY, NJ and CT. Many of the samples we analyze are soils and sludges for the determination of semi-volatiles, polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB’s), pesticides (OCP’s and OPP’s) and diesel range organics (DRO). To satisfy multiple customers and tests, we need a system that offers us fast turnaround time, while saving us time and solvents. The Milestone’s ETHOS X microwave system with the FastEX-24 rotor is a solution to our sample preparation needs. Its ease of use, practically no learning curve, less solvent usage, disposable large volume glass vials and high sample throughput reduces overall costs and time.


Ecosistem lab profile

Ecosistem S.r.l. is a consulting company specializing in chemical and microbiological analysis both in terms of environment and workplace safety. The company’s mission is to be a point of reference for its customers for the complete management of environmental and safety requirements at work. Their previous adopted extraction methods were Pressurized Liquid Extraction (PLE) and Sonication. They decided to switch to microwave extraction to improve their productivity and to get a quick-to-adopt method that could simplify operations and the overall preparation. At Ecosistem, they were impressed with the improved productivity thanks to the new Milestone ETHOS X with the fastEX-24 rotor. A large number of samples could be extracted in a single workday resulting in a significant increase in their lab’s workflow efficiency.