Enhance productivity and quality results in total fat determination

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De Heus Animal Nutrition has more than 90 production locations in more than 20 countries. Customers are small and large livestock farmers, integrations and traders. The feed products must always have the same high nutritional quality. This requires constant control of compound feeds, raw materials and concentrates of animal feed in local labs according to quality regulations and standards. Rowan Bosch, laboratory manager in the Netherlands at De Heus Animal Nutrition, now relies on microwave sample preparation for his lab.


Fat determination in food and feed matrices is a routine analysis for the Dutch laboratory, which performed this procedure with the classical Soxhlet method. The process is based on an outdated, cumbersome, labor-intensive and matrix-dependent method that can process no more than 15 samples per day. This approach limits the lab’s efficiency and productivity, thus impacting the overall production process too.
Moreover, the Soxhlet method undergoes a multi-step process, that includes long hydrolysis and extraction procedures, which imply elevated acid and solvent volumes.
Morever, De Heus had some underestimation difficulties in analyzing specific matrices, such as powder-like products in which bound fat is determined, due to the technique’s limitations.
From the customer voice:
“The first reason we chose ETHOS X was the need for faster results. If I were to carry out 45 samples in the traditional way, it would take a full week, including preparation. Now I can quickly manage 30 samples every day.”
– Rowan Bosch, Laboratory Manager, De Heus Animal Nutrition
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De Heus decided to send its most difficult samples as a test to Milestone’s facilities. The first results that came back even exceeded their expectations, so they moved forward with the investment.
This new method has allowed De Heus to replace all the previous methods of total fat determination and to standardize the use of a single method in all of their samples, both for raw materials and final products.
Moreover, in the ETHOS X, hydrolysis and extraction are carried out in a single step and more rapidly, ensuring a higher productivity and a better workflow. Bosch also underlines that, besides the fact that the results were very good, there are many other advantages:
  • 25% chemical consumption and waste disposal.
  • Lower energy costs.
  • Reduced handling and operational time.
Last but not least, samples prepared with the ETHOS X are also used to calibrate the Near-Infra Red (NIR) system.
The initial implementation has been very easy and smooth and its validation only takes 2 weeks’ time.

ETHOS X for Fat Analysis in Food & Feed Samples

The ETHOS X offers a new approach to gravimetric fat determination, moving toward a more modern, greener and more efficient approach to total fat, Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) and free fat determinations in food and feed matrices.

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"We use it every day now; 30 samples go through it routinely. The system is maintenance-free and it is fast and accurate"
De Heus Animal Nutrition