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Comparing Microwave Digestion Technologies

The best sample analysis starts with the best sample preparation. Before choosing a microwave digestion system evaluate the current technology on the market and consider the following features.
Microwave multimode Single Reaction Chamber (SRC)
Typical working temperature 230°C 300°C
Maximum pressure capability 100 bar 200 bar
Number of samples per day (8 hours) 80, for medium - hard samples
176, for easy - medium samples
120, easy - very hard samples
Productivity Medium High
Run mixed samples with mixed reagents Limited Unlimited
Running costs Medium Low
Reliability High Very high
Ease of use Medium High - No capping/uncapping is needed

Temperature and Pressure

Sample digestion requires high temperature and high pressure conditions, tailored according to the sample type. These conditions can influence the speed of the thermal decomposition of the sample and the solubility of the metals. Pressure and temperature can be directly controlled for each and for all samples by Milestone advanced reaction sensors.

Temperature performances (°C)

Temperature influences the type of sample that can be digested
Temperature performances (°C)

Pressure performances (bar)

Pressure influences the quantity of sample that can be digested
Pressure performances (bar)