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Terpene quality has a direct impact on how consumers both experience and perceive quality of the products they engage with. Extracting terpenes from fresh or fresh-frozen material is long considered the optimal approach for preserving the natural terpene profile. Traditional technologies for terpenes extraction, such as steam distillation, butane, and hydrodistillation come with significant limitations: incompatible with fresh or frozen materials, require solvents, and/or needs an inefficient and time-consuming purification step. Milestone's ETHOS X 2.0 and ETHOS XL microwave extraction solutions* enable you to efficiently extract live terpenes, free from the limitations of more traditional approaches.
* Patent pending.

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For greener extraction

The technology of the ETHOS X family embraces the values and benefits of the green extraction approach, in fact it does not require the addition of organic solvents, it enhances the heating efficiency and avoids by-products. Other extraction techniques use large volume of organic and flammable solvents that require intense purification process and the extracts suffer of undesired taste. Milestone's patented microwave approach maintains the integrity of the terpenes profile, providing superior freshness of the flavour and avoiding clean-up processes.
Milestone Green Technology


To address the limitations of conventional extraction techniques, Milestone has developed the ETHOS X line of products for microwave terpene extraction. The ETHOS X family takes advantage of the unique microwave selective heating mechanism. The internal heating of water within the sample distends its cells and leads to rupturing of the glands and oleiferous receptacles. This process frees the terpenes which are then evaporated with the in-situ water of the botanical.
The microwave selective heating process for SOLVENT-FREE MICROWAVE EXTRACTION
The microwave selective heating process

Easy to implement

Microwave extraction enables an easy implementation in the workflow of any processor, improving the efficiency, process costs and terpenes quality. The extraction technique selectively extracts the terpenes without compromising the subsequent cannabinoids extraction step.
Easy to implement

True flowers taste

The microwave terpene extraction process captures natural, pure terpenes that match the cultivar characteristics and genetic expressions of the plant strain. Terpenes are a key ingredient in vape cartridge blends, and to their ability to deliver improved flavor and taste that consumers demand.
True flower taste

Superior ROI

Microwave terpene extraction systems can quickly pay for themselves because they can extract high yield, high quality terpenes and easily combined to any cannabinoids extraction process. The ETHOS XL fits high-volume facilities and the ETHOS X 2.0 is dedicated to craft a medium size processors.
Superior ROI

Quality and yield

The quality of your products depends on the ingredients in your blend. For vape pens, live terpenes are critical for improving taste and quality. Microwave optimizes the extraction step, enabling you to improve the value of your products, streamline your process, and eliminate any purification step.
Quality and Yeld


Elevate the quality of your craft products
The ETHOS X 2.0 is our latest generation of benchtop systems for solvent-free extraction, dedicated to cannabis processors. Simply introduce the material into the 15 L vessel and place it into the cavity to begin the extraction process. By pressing "start" the reactor will be automatically sealed and connected to the distillation module. The condensation module along with the water chiller ensures to collect the first drop of terpenes in just few minutes.

High efficiency

The condensation module, which comprises two condensers and a burette, ensures complete condensation of the terpenes, reflux of the water into the reactor and fast separation of the oil.

Enhanced reproducibility

The built-in temperature temperature sensor controls the distillation flow and ensures faster extraction processes.

Full control

The system's terminal, controls all extraction parameters, ensuring safe and efficient extraction. The built-in methods ease its implementation into your lab's workflow.

Streamlined workflow

The 15 L reactor accommodates large quantities of material (fresh, fresh-frozen, and even dry) and can be quickly swapped between runs to minimize downtime.

Fast extraction

The high microwave power delivered, in combination with the rotating reactor, expedites the extraction process and ensure even heating. A typical process takes between 60 and 90 minutes.


Streamline your production capacity
The ETHOS XL is designed for high volume cannabis and hemp processors. After cannabis flowers have been loaded into the drum, the system automatically feeds water into the water bath and starts the heating process. The built-in temperature sensor regulates the microwave energy to ensure optimal distillation conditions. At the end of the run, the dedicated burette makes it easy for the operator to collect the extracted terpenes.

Reliable yield and quality

The built-in temperature sensor continuously control the entire extraction process, ensuring consistent high-quality, high-yield extractions.

Advanced control

The advanced user-interface precisely controls the extraction process and ensures full traceability.

Highest production capacity

The 45 L drum accommodates larger quantities of material for improved terpene production. The built-in water bath along with the rotating mechanism improve extraction efficiency and terpene quality.

Superior productivity

A combination of microwave and conventional heating enables a quicker extraction process. While microwaves act directly on the botanic material, the heating pads located on the cavity walls, shorten the warm-up and expedite distillation flow.

Industrial design

The ETHOS XL perfectly integrates into the processor’s workflow. Its advanced design enables it to serve as a workhorse for high volume facilities.


Planet 13 is a premier cultivator, producer and dispensary of cannabis related products based in Las Vegas, NV.
Planet 13 was in the process of scaling up production to support aggressive corporate growth goals, with a focus on developing new products and optimizing manufacturing processes for maximum efficiency.
Their challenge was sourcing terpenes for their new vape pen product line. Purchasing directly from third party vendors was either too expensive or yielded inferior products, thus they decided to research doing their own extractions inhouse.
“I think that Solvent-Free Microwave Extractors like the ETHOS X will become the industry standard for terpene isolation from cannabis”
Said Stephen Markle, VP of Production.
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