Terpene extraction in cannabis labs

The ETHOS X is a perfect complement to any extraction technique as it selectively extracts the terpenes without compromising the subsequent cannabinoid extraction step. Most conventional extraction systems work on dry plant material, causing loss of some of the terpenes characteristics, while the ETHOS X provides fresh cannabis extraction ensuring most complete and representative terpene profile and maintaining its natural flavor and aroma.
The ETHOS X completes the microwave extraction process in only a few minutes without the use of solvent, providing high efficiency, reducing process costs and ensuring the strain-specific profile of the plant.
  • Solvent-free extraction
  • Shorter run times
  • Highest quality of terpenes
  • Scalable productivity with flexible configuration

Exclusive Interview

Using Microwave Extraction to Obtain High-quality Terpenes

Roberto Federico-Perez, Product Manager at Milestone Inc.

Learn how the Milestone ETHOS X enables cannabis processing labs to run fast extractions on fresh or dry material, allowing them to achieve a complete terpene profile with a pure smell and taste.

What our customer says

“I think that Solvent-Free Microwave Extractors like the ETHOS X will become the industry standard for terpene isolation from cannabis”

Said Stephen Markle, the Director of Infused Products.


Medizin is a premier cultivator, producer and dispensary of cannabis related products based in Las Vegas, NV. Their mission is to provide compassionate, dignified, and affordable access to medical and recreational cannabis for approved patients.


Rapidly expanding departments for their finished products had been putting pressure on their production department, who was experiencing difficulties keeping up with demand.


“The ETHOS X is the only instrument on the market that can perform this technique. After seeing the unit in operation I was convinced that this instrument would improve our process and final product.”
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