Easy-to-adopt Microwave Extraction Solutions

Superior efficiency in solvent extraction

Sample preparation is the least evolved and most error-prone step in chromatographic analytical procedures. Many laboratories still use the Soxhlet method that was developed in 1879.
Microwave-assisted extraction uses closed vessels to heat the extraction solvent above its atmospheric boiling point. Working at elevated temperature increases the solubility of the analyte of interest and decreases the solvent viscosity, leading to more efficient sample preparation and lower extraction times. Microwave extraction is selective, fast and produces more accurate and precise results than other methods.
Typical applications of microwave-assisted solvent extraction include organic pollutants from environmental matrices, fat determination in food samples, contaminants from food and extraction of additives from plastics.


  • Reliable GC or GC-MS analysis
  • High sample throughput
  • Low running costs
  • Efficiency and consistency
  • Ease of use

Dedicated configurations to accomplish a wide range of applications.

Advanced Microwave Extraction System for Environmental Applications

Advanced Microwave Extraction System for Environmental Applications

PAH, PCB, Dioxins, Phenols, Phthalates, EOM, Pesticides Herbicides, PBDE, TPH-hydrocarbons
Advanced Microwave Extraction for Fat Determination

Advanced Microwave Extraction for Fat Determination in Food matrices

FAMEs, Total Fat, Free fat, PAH, PCB, Dioxins, Steroli, Chloramphenicol Nitrofuran, Polyphenols
Microwave Green Extraction of Natural Products

Microwave Solvent-free Extraction of Natural Products even for for craft applications

Microwave hydrodiffusion and gravity technique for high-quality essential oils extraction
Advanced Microwave Extraction System for <strong>Plastics and Polymers</strong>

Advanced Microwave Extraction System for Plastics and Polymers

Additives in polyolefins, overall migration in oil, Phthalates

The new Milestone ETHOS™ X


Microwave extraction is completed in just few minutes. The Milestone ETHOS X can simultaneously process multiple samples in a matter of minutes. Microwave assisted extraction uses closed vessels to heat the extraction solvent above its atmospheric boiling point. The elevated temperature increases the solubility of the analytes of interest and lowers the viscosity of the solvent, allowing it to better penetrate the matrix.


An important feature of the ETHOS X is that it easily adapts to existing extraction chemistry. This is accomplished through the use of a unique, patented material, called Weflon. Without Weflon, extractions could only be performed with polar solvents (Acetone, Methanol, etc.) or mixtures of polar and non-polar solvents, because non-polar solvents are not heated by microwaves. Weflon eliminates this problem by acting as a coupling agent. Weflon stir bars are heated by microwaves and they subsequently transfer this heat to the non-polar solvent.

Effective and Consistent

Microwave extraction produces equal or higher analyte recoveries than older methods. Thanks to a combination of higher extraction temperatures, closed vessels, magnetic stirring, and precisely controllable temperature conditions, users of microwave extraction can expect a better quality of the results. The homogeneity of the microwave field and the precision of the temperature control are key elements in microwave extraction.


Lower solvent usage reduces the costs of solvent purchase and disposal. Microwave extractions are carried out in closed, sealed vessels. The matrix is constantly bathed with hot solvent in a self-promoting reflux action with no loss of volatile analytes or solvent. The use of closed vessels, with the speed and efficiency of microwave heating, allows extractions to be performed with significantly less solvent, without sacrificing accuracy or precision. The simplicity of the microwave technique reduces the attended labor time and increases overall productivity.
  • Rotore2
  • Rotore1
  • Rotore4
  • The FastEX-24eT configuration for extracting insoluble water or slightly water soluble organic compounds from soils, clays, sediments, sludges, and solid wastes.
  • • SR-15eT for various extractions in GC and HPLC analysis
  • • RAR-15 for solvent evaporation for the determination of fat content.

Temperature control with easyTEMP

The system is equipped with a contactless sensor, the easyTEMP, that controls the temperature inside all vessels across the entire extraction process, providing higher safety and reproducibility. The use of a noninvasive sensor, in combination with the vessels design, simplify the user's operation while delivering accurate temperature control. The temperature sensor provides a continue feedback to the easyCONTROL software, which consequently regulates the power emission, to follow the set temperature profile.

EasyCONTROL Operating Software

The ETHOS X is controlled via a compact terminal with an easy-to-read, bright, full-color, touchscreen display. The terminal runs user-friendly, icon-driven, multi-language software to provide easy control of the microwave run.
Several applications, including all US EPA and ASTM methods available, are preloaded in the ETHOS X terminal. The software automatically regulates the microwave power according to the number of samples or weights being extracted.
EasyCONTROL Operating Software

Dedicated configurations to match your extraction needs

Flexibility and performance that make the difference

The ETHOS embraces Milestone’s philosophy of a “microwave labstation”. The ETHOS platform is capable of several extraction applications: extraction of pollutants from environmental samples can be done in just few minutes, consuming less solvent than other technologies, thereby improving productivity while decreasing costs, all in full accordance with the US EPA 3546. Additional accessories are available to further expand the ETHOS capabilities: a dedicated configuration for fat determination in food samples which greatly improves turn-around-time, specific rotors to match the requirements of several extraction processes for GC and HPLC analysis, and an easy to use filtration system that improves the workflow and the productivity. Some applications, between the others: THC and CBD from Cannabis, Poliphenols in plants, PAH in asphalt, EOM in rocks, extractables from pulp and wood.


For solvent extraction

The SR-15 is a very versatile tool to perform solvent extraction. Its wide working range makes it a perfect solution even for the extraction that requires extreme conditions.
It is composed by 15 high-purity PTFE-TFM vessel with a volume of 100 mL.


For solvent evaporation

The RAR rotor has been specifically developed to speed up the solvent evaporation process. Its unique design uses disposable aluminium caps, eliminating the cleaning step. Microwave heating reduces the evaporation time.
  • SAFE


For simultaneous filtration

The Milestone Simultaneous Filtration System (SFS) is a compact workstation to filter up to 24 samples simultaneously in a few minutes. Samples are filtered into standard evaporation tubes, using disposable funnels, for easier handling.


For environmental extraction

The fastEX-24eT rotor is a dedicated rotor for extraction of organic pollutant from environmental samples. Its unique design relies on disposable glass vials to eliminate the cleaning step, allowing to process 24 samples simultaneously.