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Food is what nourishes, comforts, and sustains us – and it’s up to food testing laboratories to protect quality and ensure safety of an increasingly global food supply chain.
The testing of foods, along with related products such as nutraceuticals, is one of the fastest growing areas of analytical measurement. With greater emphasis than ever before on food quality and safety, today this sphere requires up-to-date equipment especially regarding trace metal and direct mercury analysis as well as sample preparation for food labs. Our equipment help to meet new demands in food testing laboratory analysis and be prepared to meet stringent, ever-changing regulations.
Milestone understands the challenges faced by food testing labs and works to develop instruments that improve analytical data quality at the same time optimizing laboratory workflow making them more efficient and productive. Our products are built according to the highest quality and safety standards to ensure many years of excellent service and low operating costs. Reliable, fast and responsive service along with high-quality assistance ensures extremely high uptime and a great ownership experience.

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preventing workflow disruptions


Look beyond sample digestion and consider the total sample preparation workflow for elemental analysis. Find ways to avoid workflow disruptions that have negative effects on your lab’s outcomes. Consider several parameters like reagents handling, cleaning approach, supply of ultrapure acids and the handling of digestion vessels.

Milestones' solutions for Food applications

  • Microwave Digestion

    Microwave Digestion

    The most intelligent yet powerful microwave digestion platforms to satisfy a wide array of application needs.

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  • Microwave Extraction for Fat determination

    Microwave Extraction
    for fat determination

    The ETHOS X determines total fat, free fat and FAMEs in food samples simultaneously in just 90 minutes, with excellent results.

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  • Mercury Determination

    Mercury Determination

    Direct mercury analysis requires no sample preparation and delivers results in as little as six (6) minutes per sample.

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  • Microwave Ashing

    Microwave Ashing

    PYRO Microwave Muffle Furnace Ashing Systems are an excellent alternative to conventional muffle furnace techniques and help labs improve their efficiency.

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  • Clean Chemistry

    Clean Chemistry

    The Milestone Clean Chemistry Line is an innovative portfolio of systems for reducing and controlling the analytical blank in ultra-trace elemental analysis.

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