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The environmental testing industry is one of the largest users of analytical instrumentation and will continue to grow in near future. Nowadays environmental testing labs are under greater pressure than ever to deliver accurate results, at lower reporting limits. Special emphasis is made on productivity to keep up in an extremely competitive environment.
Milestone portfolio includes dedicated solutions of sample preparation for environmental labs designed for traditional testing as well as for regulatory methods to meet corporate and industrial regulations. Our products are built to last while giving many years of excellent service, with fast return on investment and low lifetime operating costs. High reliability combined with our fast, responsive service and complex applications support ensures maximum uptime to keep your lab running.

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Milestone Methods

Application Team of Experts develops hundreds of easy guidelines to suggest the right application method for you.

Application Reports

Written by professionals for professionals, it aims to provide a short and focused technical paper on our technology and application, integrated with analytical data.


Learn the fundamental theory of extracting an analyte from a sample matrix and will understand how modern extraction techniques, like microwave assisted extraction (MAE), plays a pivotal role in maximizing the efficiency of your extraction process.

Webinar Series

Let’s explore our online educational presentations
preventing workflow disruptions


Look beyond sample digestion and consider the total sample preparation workflow for elemental analysis. Find ways to avoid workflow disruptions that have negative effects on your lab’s outcomes. Consider several parameters like reagents handling, cleaning approach, supply of ultrapure acids and the handling of digestion vessels.

Milestones' solutions for Environmental applications

  • Microwave Digestion

    Microwave Digestion

    The most intelligent yet powerful microwave digestion platforms to satisfy a wide array of application needs.

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  • Microwave Extraction Environmental

    Microwave Extraction
    for Environmental

    Microwave assisted extraction (MAE) systems overcome the difficulties of sample preparation for successful GC and HPLC Analyses.

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  • Mercury Determination

    Mercury Determination

    Direct mercury analysis requires no sample preparation and delivers results in as little as six (6) minutes per sample.

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  • Clean Chemistry

    Clean Chemistry

    The Milestone Clean Chemistry Line is an innovative portfolio of systems for reducing and controlling the analytical blank in ultra-trace elemental analysis.

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