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Cannabis testing labs are facing analytical challenges to meet state requirements and regulations. The Cannabis labs strive to ensure high quality products to medicinal and recreational markets. In this field, metals testing involves a wide variety of samples, such as plant material, edible products, concentrates, topicals, soils and fertilizer, coming either from the grower and processing industry.
Moreover, the market for end products having the fresh taste and smell of specific cannabis strains is also sharply increasing. The addition of terpene, small molecules synthesized by the cannabis plant, to these end products results in a very real, fresh aroma experience for the final consumer.
At Milestone we understand the challenges faced by industries in the field and strive to produce instrumentation that helps labs become more efficient and therefore more competitive. Using microwave-assisted technology, our products offers multiple benefits for sample preparation for trace metals analysis and for fast and efficient extraction of terpenes from fresh, fresh frozen and dry cannabis plant.
Milestone products and solutions are intended to be used for an end-user’s legal and permitted uses only. By accessing information on this site you represent that any use of a Milestone product or solution will only be for a legal and permitted use.

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Sample preparation solutions for elemental analysis

Solvent-free terpene extraction

Terpene isolation from cannabis


Laura Thompson describes the advantages and differences of the ultraWAVE system compared to other systems.


Sample preparation solutions for growing your cannabis testing capabilities.

Application Reports

Written by professionals for professionals, it aims to provide a short and focused technical paper on our technology and application, integrated with analytical data.

Lab profiles

374 Labs depends on ultraWAVE to ensure cannabis product safety. 374 Labs is a high-volume facility that requires sample prep solutions that enable them to deliver the swift turnaround and accurate results that their customers demand. Milestone’s ultraWAVE is the only microwave digestion solution fast enough to eliminate 374 Labs’ sample prep bottleneck.

Webinar: Basics of Cannabis Microwave Digestion for Trace Metals Analysis.

Learn the overall analytical process, the chemistry and parameters behind microwave digestion, and how it helps achieve accurate results for the analysis of your cannabis samples.


Roberto Federico-Perez discusses the efficiency of ETHOS X and microwave heating.


Throughout this article, we discuss the capabilities of microwave-assisted extraction and how the cannabis industry can utilize it.


Learn how to run fast extractions on fresh or dry material, achieving a complete terpene profile with a pure smell and taste.

Application Reports

Read how the cannabis plant can be processed using ETHOS X to produce high quality flavoring terpenes, while preserving the quality of the cannabis plant material for the further processing for THC and CBDs extraction with conventional techniques.

Lab profile

Read about Planet 13, a premier cultivator, producer and dispensary of cannabis related products based in Las Vegas, NV.

Webinar: Use Microwave Technology to Achieve Better Terpene Extracts

Stephen Markle explains why microwave-assisted, solvent-free terpene extraction has enabled Planet 13 Holding to optimize their production process.

Milestones' solutions for Cannabis applications

  • Microwave Digestion

    Microwave Digestion

    The most intelligent yet powerful microwave digestion platforms to satisfy a wide array of application needs.

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  • Microwave Extraction Natural Products

    Microwave Extraction
    for Cannabis

    The ETHOS X takes advantage of the unique microwave selective heating mechanism to extract high-quality terpenes.

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