Industries we serve

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  • Academia


    Discover our commitment
    for Working more efficiently
    for Enhancing your research
    for Modernizing your teaching tools

  • Biological


    Discover our commitment
    to Improve analysis time
    to Keep fellow scientists healthy
    to Ensure data quality

  • Cannabis


    Discover our commitment
    for Faster Metal Analysis
    for Reliable Data Quality
    for Trusted Raw Ingredients
    for Terpenes Extraction

  • Consumer Products

    Consumer Products

    Discover our commitment
    for Harmless Kids Toys
    for Safer cosmetics
    for Secure Products

  • Environmental


    Discover our commitment
    for Healthier Environment
    for Cleaner Water
    for a Pollutant-free World

  • Food


    Discover our commitment
    for Harmless Food
    for Safer Nutraceuticals
    for Healthier Beverage

  • Metal


    Discover our commitment
    for Fineness of Precious Metals
    for Characterizing Geologicals
    for Smaller levels of Hg in Electronics

  • Petrochemical & Energy

    Petrochemical & Energy

    Discover our commitment
    for New Safe Energy Sources
    for Lower Environmental Impact
    for Non-hazardous Waste

  • Pharmaceutical


    Discover our commitment
    new USP <232>/<233> and ICH Q3D
    for Ensuring Safer Drugs
    for Providing High Quality API’s

  • Polymers & Specialty Chemicals

    Polymers & Specialty Chemicals

    Discover our commitment
    for Higher quality products
    for Harmless Food-Packaging
    for Secure Recycled Polyethylene