to help reducing your analysis costs
and pocket more profits.

Improved productivity

Improve your productivity

The ETHOS X with fastEX-24 rotor overcomes productivity limitations of other conventional approaches by enabling the simultaneous extraction of 24 environmental samples in only 40 minutes!
Minimal solvent volume

Reduce solvent consumption

Providing additional savings to your environmental laboratory without compromising on performance. Less solvent also means lower costs associated with its purchase and waste disposal.
No cleaning step

Avoid cleaning steps

The use of disposable glass vials dramatically reduces the overall cost of the extraction process and eliminates the tedious memory effect. Vessel cleaning after the extraction process is eliminated, making the process easier and faster.
Easy to implement

Simplify the implementation

No learning curve or expertise is needed to use the system: operators simply follow a quick-to-adopt process to prepare the run.
Increased energy efficiency

Increase extraction efficiency

During microwave-assisted extraction, the elevated temperature of the solvent increases the solubility of the analytes of interest, leading to a dramatic reduction of extraction time.
to help reducing your analysis costs

Learn how to save costs in YOUR extraction process

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EnviroTest Laboratories, Inc is a full service environmental testing laboratory with complete Wet Chemistry, Metals (ICP, ICP-MS), Organics (GC, GCMS) and Microbiology Department.

Many of the samples they analyze are soils and sludges for the determination of semi-volatiles, polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB’s), pesticides and diesel range organics (DRO). To satisfy multiple customers and tests, they need a system that offers fast turnaround time, while saving time and solvents.
"The handling of the FastEX-24 rotor is easy, saving time and labor, as well as glassware and reagents. The ETHOS X microwave is never the limiting step in taking on higher sample load or new projects.”
- Alicia Labare - EnviroTeest Laboratories Inc.

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