Maximum safety and cotrol

The ETHOS X cavity delivers high microwave power of up to 1900 watts, resulting in faster heating and shorter extraction times. Robustness and reliability are essential characteristics in an environmental lab to avoid any lapses in the daily operation. The ETHOS X has a rugged stainless-steel construction to ensure a longer lifetime and to eliminate lab’s downtime. The system is equipped with a contactless sensor that controls the temperature during the whole extraction process in all vessels, providing higher safety and reproducibility. The use of a non-invasive sensor, in combination with the Weflon vessels, simplify user operation while delivering accurate temperature control.

Friendly user interface

The user interface runs an icon-driven, multi-language software with pre-loaded extraction methods. Using the touchscreen, the operator simply selects a method and presses “START” to begin a new extraction process. The extraction parameters are displayed real time on the terminal and can be stored or transferred via LIMS.

Fast and simultaneous filtration

The Milestone Simultaneous Filtration System (SFS) is a compact and complete workstation to filter up to 24 samples simultaneously in a few minutes. Samples are filtered into standard evaporation tubes, using the Milestone disposable funnels, providing easier handling and reducing fume hood space.
Fast and simultaneous filtration

Microwave-Based Technique for Fast and Reliable Extraction of Organic Contaminants

The major advantage of the use of microwave extraction technology (MAE) over traditional extraction approaches (e.g. Soxhlet extraction) are the decrease of extraction times, reduction in solvent consumption, improved extraction efficiency and increased productivity of the laboratories.


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