Milestone has developed a rapid and quick-to-adopt microwave unit: ETHOSTM X.

Organic pollutants in environmental matrices can be determined to evaluate the effectiveness of a remediation process, to assess the contamination in waste, in waste landfills and for general environmental monitoring. Therefore, every day environmental laboratories needs to provide reliable data, while maintaining their competitiveness.
Although new extraction technologies have been developed in recent years, they have fallen short on addressing the needs of environmental laboratories.
The ETHOS X microwave extraction system with fastEX-24 rotor is fully compliant with US EPA 3546 and offers an efficient extraction of up to 24 samples simultaneously. In fact, the system can be used for solvent extraction of chlorinated pesticides, semi-volatile organics, PAHs, PCBs, chlorinated herbicides, phenols, organophosphorus pesticides, dioxins and furans from environmental samples, like soils, clays, sediments, sludge and solid wastes .

Productivity and Turnaround time
for SVOCs analysis

Compare the performances and throughput of MASE (Microwave Assisted Solvent Extraction) to classical extractions (sonication and Soxhlet extraction) and recent techniques (supercritical fluid extraction and accelerated solvent extraction).
Get insights on how to effectively eliminate common challenges and meet throughput requirement of your lab.
24 samples requiring 40 minutes with the ETHOS X, 240 minutes with Sequential Pressurized Liquid Extraction and multiple hours with Soxhlet.

Reduced cost per analysis
with MASE extraction

  • Are you struggling with competitiveness?
  • Are your costs per sample too high?
  • Would you like to offer better turnaround time?
EnviroTest Laboratories is one of our reputed customer and states: “The Milestone’s ETHOS X microwave system with the FastEX-24 rotor is the solution to our sample preparation needs. Its ease of use, practically no learning curve, less solvent usage, disposable large volume glass vials and high sample throughput reduces overall costs and time.”

Greater workflow
with microwave solvent extraction

When determining organic pollutants, most environmental labs aim to improve workflow with an easy-to-implement solution.
Operations with ETHOS X are simple and include 3 easy-steps:
  1. Samples are loaded into large volume disposable glass vials
  2. Appropriate solvent mixture is added
  3. Vials are placed into the vessels and sealed

Compliance with EPA 3546
official method

Several official methods describe the use of microwave closed-vessel technology to enhance the extraction efficiency of organic pollutants, such as US EPA 3546, ASTM and other national methods. The top-right table reports the typical conditions used in US EPA 3546. The ETHOS X with fastEX-24 further enhances the performance of microwave technology for the extraction of water-insoluble or slightly water-soluble organic compounds from soils, clays, sediments, sludges, and solid wastes.

Ensure SVOCs analysis quality
with microwave extraction 

Microwave Assisted Solvent Extraction (MASE) provides reliable data on any environmental matrix in organic pollutants determination. Whatever your environmental sample is, the ETHOS X with fastEX-24 can be used for solvent extraction of chlorinated pesticides, semi-volatile organics, PAHs, PCBs, chlorinated herbicides, phenols, organophosphorus pesticides, dioxins and furans, ensuring reliable data for SVOCs analysis.
Consistency and Reliability
Milestone ETHOS X recovery study and comparison vs Soxhlet for various organic compounds.

High reliability and no downtime
with ETHOS X

The ETHOS X microwave extraction system offers a seamless integration of microwave hardware, user interface, contactless temperature control and rotor technology. The system has a rugged stainless-steel construction to ensure a longer lifetime and to eliminate lab’s downtime. The system is equipped with a contactless sensor that controls the temperature during the whole extraction process in all vessels, providing higher safety and accurate temperature control.
ETHOS X for volatile organic compounds analyses

"Microwave Green Extraction" Book

Modernizing Analysis of Trace Organic Compounds in Environmental Matrices.
"Microwave Green Extraction" Book
Part 1 focuses on the fundamental theory of extracting an analyte from a sample matrix, modern extraction techniques, and post extraction processing. Part 2 reviews modern instrumental analysis techniques and Part 3 discusses how advances in microwave technology bring sample preparation to the same standards as instrumental techniques.

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