Li-ion Batteries: Sample Prep Guidelines for Elemental Analysis

The quality and performance of Li-ion batteries requires elemental analysis of battery components in several steps of the value chain. For example, starting with raw materials, quantitation of the primary elements helps to determine the most appropriate extraction approach. In battery production, it is used to control impurities, as they directly impact the performance and lifespan of the batteries. Elemental analysis is also used during recycling to help purify valuable materials.
Sample preparation is the first fundamental step in ensuring reliable analysis and providing appropriate solutions for both ICP-OES and ICP-MS. Due to the variety of samples and their respective natures, from organic (like graphite) to inorganic (like ores), the sample prep protocol must ensure complete digestion to achieve the high-quality analyses required in this market.
This webinar will address the challenges related to sample preparation by considering several matrices encountered in the Li-ion battery value chain.
🔴 Practical guidance will be provided for method development by exploring the most critical sample prep factors for ICP-OES and ICP-MS analysis, such as sample mass, temperature, pressure, and acid compatibility. By considering a total-workflow approach to sample prep, additional opportunities for improving lab productivity, quality, and safety will be demonstrated.

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