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Jordi Labs

Jordi Labs lab profile

Jordi Labs is a leader in polymer analysis, serving a wide variety of industries including pharmaceutical, chemical and medical devices. For over 30 years, Jordi Labs has provided extensive and specialized analytical testing of polymers, additives, pharmaceutical products, and more. Our laboratory required a microwave system which could tackle the toughest polymers and samples we encounter, allowing us to provide our customers with the highest quality analytical data. “With the acquisition of the ultraWAVE, we can efficiently digest the toughest polymers for elemental analysis. Our workload typically involves digestion of various sample types. The ultraWAVE’s ability to digest different samples simultaneously, without cross-contamination, saves us a great deal of time and allows us to keep up with our throughput demands.”


Neotron lab profile

NEOTRON Pharmaceutical Analysis Laboratory provides compliant testing for pharmaceutical companies and industries in compliance with good manufacturing practice (GMP). Their analytical expertise offers a broad portfolio of tests on several matrices, such as APIs, excipients, and primary packaging materials. “We had an increased demand to digest a wide range of pharmaceutical and raw material samples for metals analysis, many of which included challenging matrices” ”In mid-2017, we invested in an ultraWAVE to help reduce our sample prep bottleneck. The ultraWAVE exceeded our expectations, increasing the sample digestion capacity of the lab by 35%, while reducing costs, and significantly improving digestion quality.”

NOW Foods

NOW Foods lab profile

NOW Foods is a nutraceutical and dietary supplement company. Its quality control labs have a wide range of samples to digest and analyze for trace metals analysis. The ultraWAVE replaced our existing closed vessel microwave and doubled our sample digestion capacity – without increasing our sample prep labor hours. With the ultraWAVE we are able to digest difficult samples such as fish oil gelcaps and we can digest higher sample weights than closed vessel digestion.

4Life Research

4Life Research lab profile

As a world leader in supplement manufacturing, 4Life has offices on five continents serving a global network of independent distributors through science, success, and service. Previously, they'd outsource elemental testing to a third-party contract lab. As the company grew, so did their number of lab samples. One of the primary challenges they faced was the turnaround time for results, as well as, spending a significant amount of money for lab services. Given the capabilities and ease of use associated with the ultraWAVE, their sample preparation bottleneck was completely removed and their chemists could spend their time and focus developing and validating methods for the ICP-MS.

374 Labs

374 Labs lab profile

374 Labs is one of the first cannabis-testing labs to be awarded a testing license in the state of Nevada. ultraWAVE allows mixed sample types to be digested in the same run, while ensuring all samples reach the same high temperature and pressure needed for complete digestion. 374 Labs has doubled its sample throughput.