Milestone’s subCLEAN lower costs and increase productivity

Albhades Laboratories


With a mature quality system approved by FDA and certified by BPF, ISO 13485 and ISO 9001, Albhades offers multidisciplinary analysis in the healthcare field (pharmaceutical, cosmetics and medical instrumentation). Microbiology, toxicology, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, structural analysis and mechanical testing are their core business.
The laboratory has been growing rapidly in the last few years with many samples analyzed every day.


The Albhades laboratory is equiped with ultraWAVE for microwave digestion, ICP-MS and ICP-OES for trace analysis in cosmetic and pharma matrices. These analysis require the use of high purity concentrated acids and the material used in the preparation of samples and subsequent analysis must be cleaned thoroughly to avoid possible contaminations. This, in turn, implicates high costs for the lab.
The subCLEAN also offers a high return on investment. “The greatest advantage of this system is the quality to cost ratio of the acid produced.”
– Annelore ALIAS, laboratory manager. Inorganic Chemistry Division @ ALBHADES Provence
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The subCLEAN has proven to be an effective and reliable instrument for producing a continuous supply of high purity acid for many purposes. All parts in contact with acids are made of high-purity fluoropolymers. The subCLEAN is therefore suitable for the purifi cation of HF acid, as well as for HNO3 and HCl thus reducing levels of contamination.
Mainly used for the distillation of the nitric acid, Albhades was able to perfectly fit the use of this equipment in their lab workflow.
The quality of the nitric acid obtained with the subCLEAN was evaluated and the results showed that the quality of the produced acid was better than or equivalent to that of the commercial acid used beforehand.
Furthermore, there is no need to use the ultraWAVE to perform cleaning cycles, which helps to avoid any stops in the sample preparation process.
The implementation of this system enabled Albhades laboratory to optimize its time and costs, while increasing the control of contamination and extending the lifetime of their equipment. The quality of cleaning is frequently evaluated and the results show that the efficiency is higher than a conventional cleaning procedures performed in a microwave system.


The Milestone subCLEAN is a compact and easy-to-use sub-boiling system suitable for the purification of HF, as well as for HNO3 and HCl.

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With this investment in the Milestone Clean Chemistry line, Albhades was able to con  rm its leadership as trace metal analysis laboratory through the constant adoption of new technologies.