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Compilation of multiple articles and application reports for overcoming analytical challenges in mercury analysis.

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Our direct mercury analysis technology sets the standard for processing speed and precision, offering more than double the productivity of traditional cold vapor techniques at a fraction of the cost per sample. With over 1800 units installed in 80 countries worldwide, the DMA-80 is the most successful direct mercury analyzer in the market.

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A Technology Review

The Benefits of Direct Mercury Analysis
Measuring mercury content poses several analytical challenges. This piece provides a technology review of the benefits of direct mercury analysis.

Determination of Total Mercury in Environmental Samples

Utilizing direct analysis for mercury detection in soil, sediment, and waste water samples.

Measuring Total Mercury Content in Fish Tissues

A Direct, Rapid, Reliable Procedure
  • No prior sample preparation
  • Reduced number of errors
  • Very fast sample turnaround
  • 70% cost savings
  • EPA Method 7473 compliance

Fast and Direct Mercury Analysis in the Cement Industry

Mercury analysis of raw materials and alternative fuels in the cement industry using DMA-80 evo direct mercury analyzer.

Determination of Total Mercury in Coal

Several methods exist for the determination of mercury in coal utilizing Direct Combustion for mercury analysis for coal and fly ash samples.

Analyzing Mercury Contamination in the Peruvian Amazon

The impact of illegal artisanal gold mining on the Peruvian Amazon: benefits of taking a direct mercury analyzer into The rain forest to monitor mercury contamination.

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