Tips for method development in microwave sample preparation
for metal analysis

Simplify and expedite the ashing procedure with microwave furnace
Do you know which factors can influence the method development? Sample mass, reagents, target analysis, temperature, pressure, vessels type are some of the key points that have to be carefully assessed.
This Educational Workshop aims to provide valuable tips on how to develop the right method for your matrices based on your application and throughput requirements to get on the top of your digestion process.

Key topics:
  • Key parameters in a digestion process
  • Correct choice of the acid mixture
  • Guidelines on various matrices
    • Environmental: soils, sediments, water
    • Organic: clinicals, biologicals, foods, pharmaceuticals, petroleums, polymers
    • Inorganic: metals & alloys, catalysts, geochemistry
  • The right solutions for full recovery of the target elements
  • Examples of how to improve the recovery of most common volatile or unstable elements
Gianpaolo Rota


Gianpaolo Rota
Product Manager at Milestone

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