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Superior Sample Preparation for Elemental Analysis of Li-Ion Battery Materials

Overcome cleaning bottlenecks in sample preparation for elemental analysis

Cleaning of vessels and vials used for sample preparation is a serious bottleneck in the workflow of elemental analysis. It impacts operator time, efficiency and throughput. At the same time, cleaning is such an important process that affects the analysis quality as it contributes to minimize contamination, reduce the blank levels and avoid overestimation.
Join us for this live interactive webinar and see the viable options to reduce or even eliminate the cleaning step in trace metals analysis. This event will provide an overview with pros and cons of the different possibilities, such as acid soaking, microwave cleaning, automated cleaning system and the use of disposable glass tubes.

What you will learn:

  • Cleaning procedures of digestion vials, vessels, caps and ICP components.
  • Efficient cleaning methods to improve the trace metals analysis workflow
  • Impact of the cleaning process on the lab productivity


23rd November, 2022
Duration: 45 minutes

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Microwave Digestion