reliable data on any environmental matrix in organic pollutants determination
The innovative technology of the Milestone systems embraces the values and benefits of the green chemistry approach. The use of efficient heating, the reduction of solvents and waste are just some of the practical approaches that Milestone has take to make several analyses more sustainable.
For the first time the concepts and significance of green chemistry are practically applied to trace organic analysis and elemental analysis, where solvents and acids consumptions have been minimized to the roots, with a consequent strong reduction on the waste generation.
Milestone’s commitment focuses on providing more sustainable solutions for routine sample preparation. Despite the sophisticated arsenal of analyticalinstrumental techniques available, samples must still undergo some type of pretreatment because the sample matrices often are not compatible with the modern instrumentation.
Since decades Milestone is active in completely removing any chemicals used for mercury determination. The Milestone direct mercury analyzer enables to perform mercury determination without any sample preparation or any reagent, leading to a greener analysis.

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Modern Approaches to Microwave-Assisted Digestion
Think Green is a natural sequel of our former Think Blank book. By adopting a Think Blank approach we decrease the volumes and concentrations of reagents for improving blanks and consequently for reaching better limits of detection. Well, if we reduce the amounts of reagents we are by extension going green. In this sense, requirements for greening sample preparation procedures aiming trace analysis are proposed and discussed here. For instance, have you thought about energy needed for promoting and keeping the reaction system heated? What about reaction conditions for attaining efficient digestions? Have you thought about generation of too reactive or dangerous products? How about risks to the analyst and to the environment? In this book modern strategies for developing green digestions are presented and we demonstrated how available instrumentation allows us to reduce the use, to substitute critical reagents, and even how to recycle and reuse reagents.


Modernizing Trace Organic Analysis
The role of the analytical chemist has not changed since the inception of the discipline. However, the questions for which society wants answers have become more challenging. Instrumental analysis has continually evolved to keep up with the analysis demands, but sample preparation has failed to keep up with the evolutions of modern trace organic analysis instrumentation. In this book we discuss the importance of sample preparation for trace organic analysis. Part I focuses on the fundamental theory of extracting an analyte from a sample matrix, modern extraction techniques, and post extraction processing. Part II reviews modern instrumental analysis techniques as they relate to the sample preparation process and Part III discusses how advances in microwave technology bring sample preparation to the same standards as instrumental techniques. The goal of the authors was to produce a text that helps today’s trace organic analyst understand and overcome the difficulties of sample preparation by learning how to THINK GREEN.

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  • Microwave Digestion

    Microwave Digestion
    for AAS, ICP, ICP-MS

    The most intelligent yet powerful microwave digestion platforms to satisfy a wide array of application needs.

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  • Mercury Determination

    Mercury Determination

    Direct mercury analysis requires no sample preparation and delivers results in as little as six (6) minutes per sample.

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  • Microwave Extraction Environmental

    Microwave Extraction
    for Environmental

    Microwave assisted extraction (MAE) systems overcome the difficulties of sample preparation for successful analyses.

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  • Microwave Extraction Natural Products

    Microwave Extraction
    for Natural Products

    The ETHOS X takes advantage of the unique microwave selective heating mechanism to produce high-quality essential oils.

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  • Clean Chemistry

    Clean Chemistry

    The Milestone Clean Chemistry Line is an innovative portfolio of systems for reducing and controlling the analytical blank in ultra-trace elemental analysis.

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