Let's meet at European Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry


The EWCPS 2023 will be the 19th time this event is organized by European research groups. It has become a recognized and valuable platform to exchange experience and share progress in the development and use of analytical plasma spectrochemical techniques.
Milestone will feature a seminar titled

Elemental profiling for identification of foods using Single Reaction Chamber digestion and ICP-MS

Prof Andrea Mara (University of Sassari) and Gianpaolo Rota (Milestone, Italy)
Food authentication is a hot topic due to growing consumer interest in food quality, safety, and origin. Among the possible approaches, elemental profiling is promising because the concentration and distribution of nutraceutical and toxic elements in an organism are linked to its nutrition, health status, environment, and food processing. The advantages and pitfalls of the approach, adoptable strategies for the method development, and an application example are presented here. Elemental profiling is usually performed using a microwave digestion system for sample preparation and an ICP-MS for analysis. Sample digestion is a crucial step, and Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) system ensures high efficiency and meets the requirements of green and blank analytical chemistry. Although ICP-MS is a powerful technique for elemental analysis, it suffers from some interferences often related to incomplete digestion. Therefore, microwave acid digestion methods have been optimized by experimental design working on certified reference materials. The optimization aimed to save time, reduce reagents, achieve low blank levels, avoid high dilution and matrix effect, and ensure accurate and reliable ICP-MS analysis. As a case study, the results of the elemental profiling of some Italian cheeses with protected designations of origin (PDO) of different varieties, geographical origins, and producers are presented.
In cooperation with
Università degli studi di Sassari

Information in short

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Time:        January 29th – February 3rd , 2023



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