Selecting a microwave digestion system for the unique demands of the pharmaceutical industry

Selecting a Microwave Digestion System for the Unique Demands of the Pharmaceutical Industry
Recent regulations on heavy metal testing have required the pharmaceutical industry to monitor a suite of elemental impurities in pharmaceutical raw materials, drug products and dietary supplements.
These directives are described in the new USP Chapters <232>, <2232> and <233>, which suggests the use of plasma spectrochemistry combined with closed vessel microwave digestion to measure twenty-four elemental PDE (Permitted Daily Exposure) levels in the various drug delivery categories.
Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different microwave digestion technologies is critically important, particularly for pharmaceutical samples, because of the rigorous demands of the validation protocols outlined in Chapter <233>.
This White Paper offers guidance on selecting the optimum microwave technology for the unique demands of pharmaceutical and dietary supplement matrices, as outlined in USP Chapter <233>.

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