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Safety and reliability
02 Mayo 2019

5 Considerations for Microwave Digestion

Read the top 5 things you want to take into account when selecting the optimal microwave digestion system for your lab.
25 Septiembre 2023

A “Total Workflow” Sample Prep Approach To Optimize Elemental Analysis-blog-news

Learn about the significance of adopting a "total workflow" approach to sample prep in elemental analysis and gain practical advice on avoiding workflow disruptions that can hinder laboratory performance and goals.
10 Octubre 2023

Achieving consistency in sample preparation to ensure low blank levels in trace metal determination thanks to automatic reagent dosing

Learn how to achieve consistency in sample preparation to ensure low blank levels in trace metal determinationIn recent decades, significant strides have been made in enhancing the productivity, quality, and safety of the sample preparation processes, particularly focusing on the digestion step to improve efficiency. However, certain aspects of the sample preparation workflow still possess room for improvement, such as acid supply, reagent addition, vessel handling, and cleaning. In this study, we will explore how the implementation of Milestone easyFILL, an automated dosing system, can effectively overcome safety concerns and ensures consistency of result in sample preparation workflow for trace metal determination.
20 Noviembre 2018

Bringing new strategies fully compatible with modern trace analysis

Microwave-assisted digestion of organic samples: How simple can it become? Many papers recently published deeply exploit these instruments when applied for digestions of plants, animal tissues, foods, suet oil and pharmaceutical samples. Discover the most recent literature on the field.
Discover how Total could achieve optimum recovery of volatile elements with the Milestone ultraWAVE
12 Junio 2019

Discover how Total could achieve optimum recovery of volatile elements

Total Research and Technology in Belgium equipped their laboratory with a Milestone ultraWAVE to facilitate laboratory analyses and analytical developments for their R&D projects. In partnership with Milestone’s application team, the lab developed a new methodology that enabled them to optimize their sample preparation process across the wide variety of sample types they need to analyze.
07 Septiembre 2022

Frequently Asked questions for microplastic determination

Two new methods are available to simplify and expedite microplastic determinations. Two experts in the field answer to the most common questions on this topic and explain how the use of microwave technology has been applied to microplastic determinations by two different analytical techniques. Topics include: How microwave solvent extraction can be applied to MPs determination, How to combine microwave extraction to Py-GC–MS, Microwave digestion followed by gravimetric determination of MPs, The use of the microwave for selective digestion
Heavy crude oil digestion with SRC
06 Julio 2017

Heavy crude oil microwave digestion with SRC technology

Elemental analysis of heavy crude oil is important for a variety of reasons including region of origin, maturity, migration, type, and identification of potential challenges that could arise during the refining process. There are numerous challenges with analysis of heavy crude oil with most being centered on the sample prep process due to the complexity of the sample matric. Microwave digestion has been used to overcome these challenges.