Milestone organization all over the world

Milestone is headquartered in Italy and has R&D and manufacturing in Germany, Switzerland, and offices in the Unites States, China, Japan and Korea. Moreover, we operate worldwide through a network of over 100 exclusive distributors, all providing our customers premium application and service support.

The passion and the accountability of Milestone’s people in solving complex challenges through innovative technology and solutions allows us to provide our customers reliable and trusted answers wherever your lab is located worldwide.
We establish real partnerships with our customers and users, as we listen their challenges and propose the best and most practical solution. Our accountability leads to providing fast and efficient feedbacks in all areas.

A dedicated team of factory-trained engineers, experienced application chemists and skilled operations people are available to fulfill chemists’ needs and offer the best application guideline. Your lab depends on a reliable, uninterrupted workflow to remain productive and profitable. Milestone and its worldwide network of partners are at your side, wherever you are.