Microwave fat determination in food samples with microwave extraction

Microwave Fat Determination in Food and Feed Samples with ETHOS X microwave extraction system
Total fat determination in food and feed matrices is a routine analysis for several testing and food processor labs, as it is part of labelling process and QC testing. Nowadays, the process still relies on outdated and matrix-dependent methods which use obsolete and time-consuming technologies. In the ETHOS X hydrolysis and extraction are done in a single step and in less time, ensuring higher productivity and better workflow. The ETHOS X method for total fat determination is applicable to any matrix; enables to process 45 sample a day, ensure lower cost per sample, offers complete fat determination and it is safe and compact.
Microwave Fat Determination in Food and Feed Samples with ETHOS X microwave extraction system
  • Applicable to any matrix
  • 45 samples a day
  • Lower cost per sample
  • Complete fat determination
  • Safe and compact
Conventional total fat determination methods, such as Soxhlet and automated Soxhlet, go through a multi-step process, that includes long hydrolysis and extraction procedures, while secondary methods are matrix-dependent and require frequent calibrations. The ETHOS X allows to process any food and feed matrix with a single approach, directly impacting the lab workflow. In addition to the commonly performed total fat determination, the ETHOS X makes FAME and free fat feasible within a single platform. Unlike Soxhlet and automated Soxhlet, the ETHOS X is not installed in the fume hood and saves over 50% of the lab space. Its dedicated exhaust system, the rugged hardware construction, the efficient temperature control, and the up-to-date software features ensure highest operator safety level throughout the entire process.

In QC and food testing laboratories a fast delivery of results and high throughput are key factors for total fat determination. Even modern automated Soxhlet techniques require several hours in order to deliver results affecting the competitiveness of the lab too. The ETHOS X processes 15 samples simultaneously, and as many as 45 samples in a single working day, using one rotor and 75 samples with two rotors. Its specific method combines the hydrolysis and extraction into a single step, thus having a direct impact on the lab’s turnaround time and throughput.
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