Feb 16, 2021

Valisure Pharma can prepare multiple samples types at once

Milestone’s ultraWAVE has allowed Valisure to prepare multiple types of samples simultanously for analysis on the Agilent 7800 ICP-MS system, which is critical to meeting their pharmacy’s 24-hour testing turnaround requirement.

New Milestone book release
May 4, 2020

Releasing the new Milestone book on SRC technology

The book "Sample preparation for elemental analysis: from evolution to revolution" explains how sample preparation plays a pivotal role in elemental analysis and its impact on the data quality, the laboratory throughput and the analysis costs. Over the last 30 years, this technology went through a series of incremental innovations that further evolved technology and intercepted the needs of several industries.

Why does the cannabis industry need to get better at measuring heavy metals
Dec 16, 2019

Why does the cannabis industry need to get better at measuring heavy metals

The cannabis plant is known to be a hyper-accumulator of heavy metals in the soil and growing medium, so it’s critical to monitor levels to ensure cannabis products are safe to use. Unfortunately, there are many inconsistencies with heavy metal limits due to the lack of clear and common regulations. Most define four heavy metals (Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury) while others specify up to nine.

Superior power and performance for high-volume laboratories
Dec 2, 2019

Superior power and performance for high-volume laboratories

The ETHOS UP with MAXI-24 HP high throughput rotor was designed to process increased volumes of sample types and weights within a single rotor-based platform. That means you can focus on what counts: increased throughput, high-quality data and more profitable runs.

Experienced hands for GMP Guidelines' Compliance
Nov 15, 2019

Experienced hands for GMP Guidelines' Compliance

Matching regulations and data traceability are crucial in many analytical lab, such as pharmaceutical, nutraceutical or other regulated industries. That's why Milestone offers a comprehensive Milestone Validation Package, that gives access to our factory trained engineers and specialists during the qualification process, enabling a fast implementation of your digestion system in full accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines.

Microwave Digestion Resource Guide
Sep 16, 2019

Setting the Stage for Accurate Data through Quality Sample Preparation

The old adage “garbage in – garbage out” holds true for any lab performing trace metals analysis, regardless of industry. Quality analysis and the ability to provide accurate results, regardless of whether employing ICP-OES or ICP-MS, always starts with quality sample preparation.

Discover how Total could achieve optimum recovery of volatile elements with the Milestone ultraWAVE
Jun 12, 2019

Discover how Total could achieve optimum recovery of volatile elements

Total Research and Technology in Belgium equipped their laboratory with a Milestone ultraWAVE to facilitate laboratory analyses and analytical developments for their R&D projects. In partnership with Milestone’s application team, the lab developed a new methodology that enabled them to optimize their sample preparation process across the wide variety of sample types they need to analyze.

Selecting a Microwave Digestion System for the Unique Demands of the Pharmaceutical Industry
Jun 3, 2019

Selecting a microwave digestion system for the unique demands of the pharmaceutical industry

Recent regulations on heavy metal testing have required the pharmaceutical industry to monitor a suite of elemental impurities in pharmaceutical raw materials, drug products and dietary supplements. These directives are described in the new USP Chapters , and .

Safety and reliability
May 2, 2019

5 Considerations for Microwave Digestion

Read the top 5 things you want to take into account when selecting the optimal microwave digestion system for your lab.