Bringing new strategies fully compatible with modern trace analysis

Nowadays, after three decades of technological development, it is clear that microwave-assisted sample preparation is not just fast heating, but also brings new strategies fully compatible with modern trace analysis. This statement is crystal clear when working with ultraCLAVE and ultraWAVE instruments. Based on the Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) technology, these instruments allow reaching pressures of up to 199 bar and temperatures as high as 300° C depending on the reaction vessel.

Experts in sample preparation field agree that these instruments are the state of the art for performing digestions for different types of samples. Considering its performance and degree of automation, a paper published in 2012 asked about microwave-assisted digestion of organic samples: How simple can it become? Many papers recently published deeply exploit these instruments when applied for digestions of plants, animal tissues, foods, suet oil and pharmaceutical samples.
Selected from recent literature, these applications demonstrated that the extreme reaction conditions achieved allowed efficient digestion even when using dilute solution of nitric acid, such as 2.0 mol/L, or only hydrogen peroxide.

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