Discover how Total could achieve optimum recovery of volatile elements

Discover how Total could achieve optimum recovery of volatile elements with the Milestone ultraWAVE
Total is a major energy operator, that produces and markets fuels, natural gas and low-carbon electricity. They are the fourth largest international oil and gas producer in the world, the largest retailer in Africa and the largest refiner and petrochemical producer in Western Europe. Total has an extensive portfolio of oil and gas production facilities, service stations and refineries and chemical sites supported by approximately 98,000 employees in 130 countries.
What's their challenge?
Total’s research and development laboratory in Belgium was experiencing a significant loss of volatile elements while digesting organic samples, which includes catalysts, oils and polymers.
Total Research and Technology Feluy (TRTF) equipped their laboratory with a Milestone ultraWAVE to facilitate laboratory analyses and analytical developments for their R&D projects. In partnership with Milestone’s application team, the lab developed a new methodology that enabled them to optimize their sample preparation process across the wide variety of sample types they need to analyze.

The primary reason TRTF selected the ultraWAVE is because the system is able to digest the challenging organic and inorganic samples it needs without losing volatile elements in the process.
In fact, the lab is now able to digest higher sample amounts of organic matrices, including up to 1 gram of polymer sample, allowing them to achieve more precise measurements.
After installing the ultraWAVE, Total’s R&D lab was able to significantly improve its recovery rates for the volatile elements it tests for, which includes mercury, phosphorus, and osmium.

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