Releasing the new Milestone book on SRC technology

New Milestone book release

We are glad to inform you of the release of the new Milestone book titled: Sample preparation for elemental analysis: from evolution to revolution - The invention, the technology and the benefits of single reaction chamber

The book is the results of the joined effort of the most active and recognized persons in microwave digestion: dr. Werner Lautenschläger, prof. Skip Kingston, prof. Joaquim Nóbrega and prof. Cezar Bizzi.

The book explains how Milestone evolved its solutions over the last thirty years, matching the needs of thousands of laboratories with rotor-based systems. At the same time, Milestone has been able to predict the future needs of several industries, revolutionizing the approach to microwave digestion with the Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) technology. This new book is a solid proof of our expertise and know-how in microwave sample preparation.
The aim of the book is to explain:
• the incremental and disruptive innovation of the microwave digestion systems
• the reasons behind the development of the SRC technology
• its operation principle, and the values that it brings to modern laboratories

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