UltraFAST Crucibles to reduce ashing times

The UltraFAST crucibles allow the PYRO user to dramatically reduce the overall ashing time, from start to end thanks to their innovative material that allows the samples to be surrounded by a constant airflow. They are made of an innovative material that, although chemically and thermally resistant, allows the samples to be surrounded by a constant airflow which, in turn, accelerates the ashing process. The ashing time is therefore reduced. Furthermore, the cooling time is so short that there is no need to use a dessicator prior samples weighing.
Just 30 seconds are enough to go from 1000°C to room temperature. A replaceable pad located at their bottom extends the lifetime of the these crucibles.
The UltraFAST crucibles are suitable for the ashing of any solid sample, such as polymers, pharmaceuticals, food and feed, cokes, coals etc.

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