DMA-80 evo: improved design from the inside out

The DMA-80 evo double beam dramatically reduces the signal-to-noise ratio, which greatly improves the quantification limit, enabling accurate and precise mercury determination even at the ppt level. This increased signal stability improves the reproducibility and reliability of analysis even at low concentrations. With the DMA-80 evo, you get the right results the first time, every time.

The DMA-80 evo is equipped with an advanced catalyst tube and gold amalgamator to provide high-end performance, full mercury conversion, interference removal, and fast mercury release. These components allow the DMA-80 evo to deliver fast and accurate results in a single measurement, providing symmetrical peaks and avoiding mercury overestimation or underestimation.

The analysis process starts by weighing sample into a boat and then running it through thermal decomposition under air or oxygen flow. All mercury and residual combustion products then flow into the catalyst section. Here, interferences are removed and mercury species are reduced and trapped on a gold amalgamator with subsequent release into multiple measuring cells positioned along the spectrophotometer's optical path.

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