Milestone's Application Team

Milestone's Application Team works in close contact with lab managers, lab technicians and analytical chemists all around the world.
They are highly specialized in a broad variety of techniques, spending many hours testing and running different samples in our high tech analytical lab.
Application Team
Milestone Application Team is used to work with a variety of samples, from environmental to food matrices, from petrochemical to pharmaceutical matrices. Moreover, an experienced team of over 6 application specialists takes care of routine-testing, flexibly and reliably of our units.
Tests include analytical method development and validation, design and performance of new technologies and train lab technicians on new application possibilities.
Many other sophisticated analytical activities can be performed in our well-equipped laboratory!
Our facilities are also a perfect place for trainings, seminars, presentation, and practical test on our units with the assistance of our team.

For any application issue, feel free to write to our experts.

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