Fast and efficient filtration process for environmental applications

Fast and efficient filtration process for environmental applications (2)

The analysis of organic pollutants and metals in environmental matrices, such as soils and sediments, often includes the filtration step, either after a solvent extraction process or a leaching type acid digestion. The conventional approach to filtration involves old-style apparatus that reduce the lab workflow and occupies valued space in the fume hood. The Simultaneous Filtration System (SFS-24) by Milestone overcome these limitations, improving the lab’s productivity and reducing the fume hood space requirement. The SFS has up to 24 positions and uses the inexpensive Milestone funnels, compatible with all commonly used solvents and mineral acids. This setup is combined with the vacuum pump and the pressure manometer to accelerate and control the process, leading to an easier and faster filtration approach.

SFS-24 Procedure

The filtration procedure counts a single step: the transfer of the solution into the Milestone funnel. The large volume (50 mL) of the funnel enables to accommodate the whole solution, the reagent used for rinsing and the drying agent, required for organic pollutants analysis. In few minutes, up to 24 solutions are filtered simultaneously and the solutions are collected into standard evaporation or volumetric flasks, ready for the following analytical step. The smart design of the SFS-24 dramatically reduces the occupied space in the fume hood and its unique rotating mechanism allows easy access to all positions, simplifying the handling and enhancing the lab workflow. The SFS-24 in combination with Milestone ETHOS systems, provides superior utility to environmental laboratories.

Tags: extraction, filtration