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New Milestone book release

New Milestone book release

  • Marketing Team

We are glad to inform you of the release of the new Milestone book titled: Sample preparation for elemental analysis: from evolution to revolution - The invention, the technology and the benefits of single reaction chamber

The book is the results of the joined effort of the most active and recognized persons in microwave digestion: dr. Werner Lautenschläger, prof. Skip Kingston, prof. Joaquim Nóbrega and prof. Cezar Bizzi.

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COVID-19 Company Update

  • Milestone Team

Dear Friends and Partners,

Milestone proudly serves healthcare, pharmaceutical, energy and food professionals, and their infrastructures.
For this reason, it is our duty to remain open during these difficult days.
We are available, from our facilities and from home, to support you at anytime.

Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Your Milestone Team

Milestone Announces New Educational Webinars and Virtual Events

Milestone is continuing to connect, share content and provide technology solutions to contribute to the success of your laboratory. At Milestone, helping chemists is our mission and priority.
During this challenging time, Milestone is announcing several virtual events and educational webinar series.
The Milestone team is always working to keep you informed and help you optimize your system capabilities for your lab’s changing needs.
These are challenging times for any business, and we are here for you. Whatever your needs, small or large, please reach out to us. Helping Chemists is our true mission.

Get access to a virtual helping hand!

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Utrecht University’s researchers rely on Microwave-Assisted extraction for their study
Marine Palynology and Palaeoceanography research group uses the newest microwave extraction system to study primeval seabed sediment. The project is exploring the influence of ocean conditions on the melting process of Antarctica’s ice cap during climatically warm periods in the geological past, when carbon dioxide conditions were similar to today’s. The findings could help predict how, and how quickly, climate change can melt the ice caps.

Tags: extraction, organic compounds, case study, testimonials

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Why does the cannabis industry need to get better at measuring heavy metals
The cannabis plant is known to be a hyper-accumulator of heavy metals in the soil and growing medium, so it’s critical to monitor levels to ensure cannabis products are safe to use. Unfortunately, there are many inconsistencies with heavy metal limits due to the lack of clear and common regulations. Most define four heavy metals (Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury) while others specify up to nine. Some are based on limits directly in the cannabis plant, while others are based on human consumption per day.

Tags: cannabis, metalanalysis, metal testing

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Experienced hands for GMP Guidelines' Compliance

Experienced hands for GMP Guidelines' Compliance

  • Application Team
Matching regulations and data traceability are crucial in many analytical lab, such as pharmaceutical, nutraceutical or other regulated industries. That's why Milestone offers a comprehensive Milestone Validation Package, that gives access to our factory trained engineers and specialists during the qualification process, enabling a fast implementation of your digestion system in full accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. Milestone’s operating software, easyCONTROL, is fully compliant with FDA regulation 21 CFR part 11.

Tags: pharmaceutical, gmp

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Microwave Sulfated Ashing procedure of pharmaceutical samples
The USP chapter <281> describes the methodology for measurement of inorganic contaminants in pharmaceutical samples, where the adopted technique is the Sulfated Ashing. Milestone's PYRO is an advanced sulfated ashing system, that allows to run this particular application in one step only, thus assuring operators’ safety and reproducibility of results.

Tags: ashing, pharmaceutical

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Chemical Solutions: an independent Testing lab using Milestone technology to meet customer needs
Chemical Solutions’ laboratory requires sample preparation solutions which allow them to meet their requirements for extraordinary sample throughput, quick turnaround, and ability to handle a vast array of sample matrices, both simple and complex. Read how the Milestone products could help meeting the needs of a large and diverse range of samples and customers while accommodating their workload and operation of multiple ICP and ICP-MS systems in a cost-effective manner.

Tags: digestion, case study, success story

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Strain-Specific Isolation of Terpenes
As the cannabis industry matures, terpene isolation from cannabis plant material has become a primary issue. So far, there have only been two practical applications: steam distillation, which is time consuming and smaller in scale, or CO2 extraction, which requires expensive equipment and an experienced operator. Solvent-free microwave-assisted extraction solves these problems with a cost-effective, efficient solution.

Tags: cannabis

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Microwave Digestion Resource Guide
The old adage “garbage in – garbage out” holds true for any lab performing trace metals analysis, regardless of industry. Quality analysis and the ability to provide accurate results, regardless of whether employing ICP-OES or ICP-MS, always starts with quality sample preparation. To achieve superior data, you need to select the right microwave digestion system for your lab. In this eBook, you will learn more about the latest microwave solutions offered by Milestone and discover how labs across multiple industries use this technology to meet their unique sample prep throughput and turnaround requirements.

Tags: Guide, digestion, sample preparation

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