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A new method for the determination of Cl, Br and I in food, mineralizing samples in a mixture composed exclusively of H2O2 in an alkaline medium is presented here. The high performances of ultraWAVE system allow to obtain high quality digested solutions with low Residual carbon content (RC). This innovative protocol allows to decrease the analysis process thanks to the fast sample preparation procedure performed with Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) technology.

Tags: src digestion, metal testing

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Valisure pharmacies offers rigorously-tested and verified medications to their customers, through a in-house quality control labs. Milestone’s ultraWAVE has allowed them to prepare multiple types of samples simultaneously for analysis.

Tags: src digestion, success story, lab profile

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Microwave Fat Determination in Food and Feed Samples with ETHOS X microwave extraction system
Total fat determination in food and feed matrices is a routine analysis for several testing and food processor labs, as it is part of labelling process and QC testing. Nowadays, the process still relies on outdated and matrix-dependent methods which use obsolete and time-consuming technologies. In the ETHOS X hydrolysis and extraction are done in a single step and in less time, ensuring higher productivity and better workflow. The ETHOS X method for total fat determination is applicable to any matrix; enables to process 45 sample a day, ensure lower cost per sample, offers complete fat determination and it is safe and compact.

Tags: extraction, food

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Agro-food waste valorization as a source of valuable biochemicals in circular economy: a reality
Milestone and Univeristy of Alicante host an Online Free Conference on October 21, 2020, in the framework of BARBARA project. This online training conference provided a platform to meet companies and researchers interested in the application of circular economy for the valorization of agro-food wastes. The potential of microwaves and rapid antimicrobial techniques will be shown by Milestone and Metrohm Hispania. The main results obtained in BARBARA project will be presented as a successful example of valorization and final industrial application.

Tags: extraction, circular economy, waste valorization, biochemicals

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analytica virtual
This year, the Analytica trade fair will take place virtually to bring exhibitors and visitors together despite the current epidemiological situation.
Milestone, as a company open to new approaches, will be at this unprecedented online event with a virtual and interactive booth. Visitors will be able to discover our product lines and application solutions from the convenience of their computer.

Tags: exhibition

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Fast and efficient filtration process for environmental applications

The analysis of organic pollutants and metals in environmental matrices, such as soils and sediments, often includes the filtration step, either after a solvent extraction process or a leaching type acid digestion. The conventional approach to filtration involves old-style apparatus that reduce the lab workflow and occupies valued space in the fume hood. The Simultaneous Filtration System (SFS-24) by Milestone overcome these limitations, improving the lab’s productivity and reducing the fume hood space requirement. The SFS has up to 24 positions and uses the inexpensive Milestone funnels, compatible with all commonly used solvents and mineral acids. This setup is combined with the vacuum pump and the pressure manometer to accelerate and control the process, leading to an easier and faster filtration approach.

Tags: extraction, filtration

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