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Microwave Sulfated Ashing procedure of pharmaceutical samples
The USP chapter <281> describes the methodology for measurement of inorganic contaminants in pharmaceutical samples, where the adopted technique is the Sulfated Ashing. Milestone's PYRO is an advanced sulfated ashing system, that allows to run this particular application in one step only, thus assuring operators’ safety and reproducibility of results.

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Chemical Solutions: an independent Testing lab using Milestone technology to meet customer needs
Chemical Solutions’ laboratory requires sample preparation solutions which allow them to meet their requirements for extraordinary sample throughput, quick turnaround, and ability to handle a vast array of sample matrices, both simple and complex. Read how the Milestone products could help meeting the needs of a large and diverse range of samples and customers while accommodating their workload and operation of multiple ICP and ICP-MS systems in a cost-effective manner.

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Strain-Specific Isolation of Terpenes
As the cannabis industry matures, terpene isolation from cannabis plant material has become a primary issue. So far, there have only been two practical applications: steam distillation, which is time consuming and smaller in scale, or CO2 extraction, which requires expensive equipment and an experienced operator. Solvent-free microwave-assisted extraction solves these problems with a cost-effective, efficient solution.

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Microwave Digestion Resource Guide
The old adage “garbage in – garbage out” holds true for any lab performing trace metals analysis, regardless of industry. Quality analysis and the ability to provide accurate results, regardless of whether employing ICP-OES or ICP-MS, always starts with quality sample preparation. To achieve superior data, you need to select the right microwave digestion system for your lab. In this eBook, you will learn more about the latest microwave solutions offered by Milestone and discover how labs across multiple industries use this technology to meet their unique sample prep throughput and turnaround requirements.

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Expert support from people who know your instruments best
Your Milestone purchase represents an important investment in your lab’s productivity. Only highly trained Milestone technicians will service your laboratory instruments to maintain high performance levels and significantly extend the useful life of you instruments, installed options and major accessories.
Make sure your unit is in optimal condition all year long!

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Discover how Total could achieve optimum recovery of volatile elements with the Milestone ultraWAVE
Total is a major energy operator, that produces and markets fuels, natural gas and low-carbon electricity. They are the fourth largest international oil and gas producer in the world, the largest retailer in Africa and the largest refiner and petrochemical producer in Western Europe. Total has an extensive portfolio of oil and gas production facilities, service stations and refineries and chemical sites supported by approximately 98,000 employees in 130 countries.
What's their challenge?

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Safety and reliability

Determination of trace levels of Hg

  • Application Team
It is well known that mercury and its multiple forms are critical contaminants to the environment with severe consequences for food chain and humans. The determination of trace levels of Hg is a must and frequently measurements are performed by converting Hg to a vapor and measuring its concentration either by atomic absorption or by atomic fluorescence.

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Illegal Artisanal Gold Mining
Benefits of Taking a Direct Mercury Analyzer into the Rain Forest to Monitor Mercury Contamination

Recently published on Spectroscopy, this column describes the work of Professor Luis Fernandez and his team in the Department of Biology at Wake Forest University in Winston Salem, North Carolina, who are leading a project to study the effects of illegal artisanal gold mining using mercury amalgamation extraction on the human and environmental ecosystem of Peru’s Madre de Dios region of the Amazon.

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