Lincoln University research laboratory performs trace metals analysis on a wide range of environmental and food samples. Mercury determination was a challenging task when working with ICP-based techniques and CVAA. DMA-80 evo simplifies mercury analysis and enabled Dr. Ikem’s group to conduct research that has appeared in several publications since 2004.
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Customer Unilever is a Dutch-British global company co-headquartered in Rotterdam, Netherlands and London, United Kingdom. Unilever manufactures a wide range of consumer products, owning over 400 brands around the World including food, beverages, cleaning agents and personal care products.
Marine Palynology and Palaeoceanography research group uses the newest microwave extraction system to study primeval seabed sediment. The project is exploring the influence of ocean conditions on the melting process of Antarctica’s ice cap during climatically warm periods in the geological past, when carbon dioxide conditions were similar to today’s. The findings could help predict how, and how quickly, climate change can melt the ice caps.