# microwave digestion

15 June 2023

What's in your batteries

Discover how to improve batteries performance and the chemical analysis of its components with microwave-assisted digestion, an essential ally to deliver faster and high-quality digestions for every Li-ion battery sample matrix, like Li-ores, anodes, and cathodes.
Safety and reliability
02 May 2019

5 Considerations for Microwave Digestion

Read the top 5 things you want to take into account when selecting the optimal microwave digestion system for your lab.
20 November 2018

Bringing new strategies fully compatible with modern trace analysis

Microwave-assisted digestion of organic samples: How simple can it become? Many papers recently published deeply exploit these instruments when applied for digestions of plants, animal tissues, foods, suet oil and pharmaceutical samples. Discover the most recent literature on the field.
Fibre fraction determination in polymer composites
20 June 2024

Fibre fraction determination in polymer composites

The determination of fibre fraction in polymer composites is analytically challenging due to the difficulty in designing an efficient and selective protocol for separating the polymer matrix of composite samples without affecting the fibres. Microwave sample preparation has been successfully applied due to its selectivity and efficiency achieved by selective acid digestion.
07 September 2022

Frequently Asked questions for microplastic determination

Two new methods are available to simplify and expedite microplastic determinations. Two experts in the field answer to the most common questions on this topic and explain how the use of microwave technology has been applied to microplastic determinations by two different analytical techniques. Topics include: How microwave solvent extraction can be applied to MPs determination, How to combine microwave extraction to Py-GC–MS, Microwave digestion followed by gravimetric determination of MPs, The use of the microwave for selective digestion
Heavy crude oil digestion with SRC
06 July 2017

Heavy crude oil microwave digestion with SRC technology

Elemental analysis of heavy crude oil is important for a variety of reasons including region of origin, maturity, migration, type, and identification of potential challenges that could arise during the refining process. There are numerous challenges with analysis of heavy crude oil with most being centered on the sample prep process due to the complexity of the sample matric. Microwave digestion has been used to overcome these challenges.
Overcoming sample prep pain points in geochemical and mining application
09 July 2024

Overcoming sample prep pain points in geochemical and mining application

🔍🏔️ Excited to share insights on sample preparation in mining and geochemical applications!​ In this short read, you'll learn techniques and pain points​ on how SRC technology works by handling a wide range of sample types​, case study on molybdenum concentrates showcasing SRC technology for robust digestion.​ We present several strategies and methods, backed by case studies, for overcoming challenges and alleviating pain points encountered during preparation of mining and geochemical samples for elemental analysis.