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11 November 2018

SYNLAB improved productivity and detection limit thanks to the ultraWAVE

Synlab invested in multiple ultraWAVE units to help reduce their sample preparation bottleneck. These systems exceeded our expectations, increasing the sample digestion capacity of our laboratory by 100%, while reducing costs, and signifi cantly improving digestion quality.
25 October 2017

ultraWAVE allows polymer analysis lab to tackle difficult samples for elemental analysis

Elemental analysis of polymer systems is frequently inconclusive or erroneous if the sample is not completely digested. Together with the Milestone UltraWAVE and traceCLEAN acid steam cleaning system, we have the capability to tackle the most difficult samples while reaching detection limits in the parts per trillion (ppt) range.
16 September 2017

Unilever counts on Milestone’s UltraWAVE to reach very low detection limits

The ultraWAVE replaced Unilever's existing closed vessel microwave system and doubled their sample digestion capacity without increasing the hours of labor associated with the current sample prep. With the UltraWAVE they are able to digest any difficult sample while obtaining very low blanks and no evidence of cross contamination.