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Expert support from people who know your instruments best
02 September 2019

Expert support from people who know your instruments best

Your Milestone purchase represents an important investment in your lab’s productivity. Only highly trained Milestone technicians will service your laboratory instruments to maintain high performance levels and significantly extend the useful life of you instruments, installed options and major accessories. Make sure your unit is in optimal condition all year long!
26 June 2023

Top 5 signs that you should service or replace your microwave digestor

What are the signs that my microwave digestor needs servicing? How often should I service my microwave digestor? How can I extend the lifespan of my microwave digestor?
07 June 2021

Wherever you are, we are next to you!

The passion and the accountability of Milestone’s people in solving complex challenges through innovative technology and solutions allows us to provide our customers reliable and trusted answers wherever your lab is located worldwide.