Franco Visinoni, president of Milestone, founded Milestone in 1988 as the first specialized laboratory instrument manufacturer focusing on advanced microwave technology for sample preparation. Mr. Visinoni says: "Milestone today is a solid company and my co-workers are responsible for their own work. I trust in them and they trust in me. I’ve always tried to create a relaxed climate within Milestone and everyone who visits us can perceive it"
Milestone decided to invest in Europe: our R&D centers and production facilities are located in Italy, Germany and Switzerland. We are proud that we are able to produce our systems respecting high quality standards required by EU.
We have a strong global brand with a long heritage in microwave sample preparation as well as an open vision to explore new horizons for further growth.
We continuously review and improve our products and processes. We have a long lasting commitment in helping chemists in their daily activities.