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Microwave assisted extraction of pesticides from environmental samples
11 August 2020

Achieving the lowest possible detection limits with ICP-MS/OES by minimizing contamination and blanks

The analytical instrument is just one component in achieving the lowest limits of detection using plasma spectrochemistry. The other critical area that puts significant demands on a laboratory’s overall detection capability is to ensure that the sample preparation procedure does not contribute any additional sources of contamination.
19 October 2022

How Much are you Paying for Ultra-pure Analytical Grade Acids?

Purify your own HF, HNO3 and HCl acids with the Milestone subCLEAN system is the smarter choice for your lab. Low cost, low grade acid is automatically loaded into the distillation container where it is gently heated below its boiling temperature using a sub-boiling technique. High purity acid vapours rapidly condense into a collection bottle by forced air cooling meaning that no chiller is required either.