The purpose of organic trace analysis is to obtain information about the organic molecules present in the sample matrix of interest.
So why is organic trace analysis so hard?
There are millions of organic compounds that have been characterized in the chemical literature, with still millions more that are waiting to be discovered. The biggest problem with organic trace analysis is isolating the single compound of interest from the rest of the organic soup.

We are glad to inform you of the release of the new Milestone book titled: Sample preparation for elemental analysis: from evolution to revolution - The invention, the technology and the benefits of single reaction chamber

The book is the results of the joined effort of the most active and recognized persons in microwave digestion: dr. Werner Lautenschläger, prof. Skip Kingston, prof. Joaquim Nóbrega and prof. Cezar Bizzi.

For the first time the concepts and significance of green chemistry are applied to microwave digestion. The goal of the authors was to produce a text that helps today’s trace organic analyst understand and overcome the difficulties of sample preparation by learning how to THINK GREEN.