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New Milestone book release
04 May 2020

Releasing the new Milestone book on SRC technology

The book "Sample preparation for elemental analysis: from evolution to revolution" explains how sample preparation plays a pivotal role in elemental analysis and its impact on the data quality, the laboratory throughput and the analysis costs. Over the last 30 years, this technology went through a series of incremental innovations that further evolved technology and intercepted the needs of several industries.
10 May 2022

Sample Prep For Elemental Analysis In The Li-Ion Battery Industry

Improving batteries performance is a compelling task for this industry, and the chemical analysis of battery components is a necessary step. Materials for anodes, cathodes and electrolytes should be fully characterized. Microwave-assisted digestion has become an essential ally for sample preparation of battery materials before measurements by inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry.
05 October 2018

THINK GREEN Modern Approaches to Microwave-Assisted Digestion

For the first time the concepts and significance of green chemistry are applied to microwave digestion. Read the text Think Green and learn how to reduce acid consumption and waste, while haveing a safer working conditions in the laboratory